I live and work in tel aviv in a studio and in a deserted beach.

I paint with a wooden box on my knees . I have canvases that are mounted on wood and cardboard. I paint with a palette knife but also with brushes.

I paint from looking but also from my imagination. Many times I connect things I see in the landscape with my imagination. I deal a lot with materials.

In this last year I rediscovered techniques of hot wax, pigments and stucco.

Many paintings deal with one figure . There is no narrative but the painting is like a scene out of a story.  There are figures that loose or find something, like a woman with a cat,  a child with a bird.

The interactions between the figures are moments where feelings and movements of the body are the main subject.

In the paintings  I deal with the materiality and the thickness of the wax and the acrylic, the strength of the pigments help me solve the painting.